Dino Jelusić. JESC 2003 Winner

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Dino Jelusić. JESC 2003 Winner Empty Dino Jelusić. JESC 2003 Winner

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Dino Jelusić is a Croatian singer, musician and songwriter. He was the winner of the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 (JESC), which took place in Copenhagen on 15 November 2003.

Birth name Dino Jelusić
Born 4 June 1992
Origin Zagreb, Croatia
Genres Pop Rock
Instruments Piano
Years active 2003–present
Dino Jelusić. JESC 2003 Winner 22

Dino was born in Požega (Slavonia), on 4 June 1992 and now lives in Zagreb with his parents, his younger sister Lorena and younger brother Bruno. At the JESC he sang "Ti si moja prva ljubav" (You are my first love) and obtained 134 points. The English version of the song is titled "You are my one and only". The performance included playing the piano and dancing as well as singing. Dino is also famous for his popular album release, mainly successful in home country, Croatia. The album, known as No.1 is popular amongst the younger people in Europe, but his success has made it even more popular. Dino is currently planning the release of his 2nd Album.

Dino has performed since he was very young, appearing in a lot of stages and festivals from 1998. His breakthrough however, was his appearance on Croatian television's Turbo Limach show for children ("Limač" is Zagreb youth slang for Mali - "little one"), when he was only about 7 years old. Besides his native Croatia, he has performed in cities like Cairo (Egypt), Figueira da Foz (Portugal), Alicante (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Rimini (Italy) or Kaunas (Lithuania) before going to Copenhagen. Dino also appears frequently on Croatian radio and TV as a special guest for popular stations. He has already had his first full length concert held in the Šalata stadium in Zagreb in September 2004, gathering 6000 fans. In the same year and in the beginning of 2005 he went on a multi-city tour in Australia, entertaining Croatian communities in Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane.

In June 2005, Dino performed as a guest star at the Langeland Music Festival in Denmark — the same country in which he had won the JESC two years earlier. After a break from the public eye, Dino now has begun to come back into public view, as of 2008 Dino has come out with a new single called "Malena" coming off the album CMC 08 "Croatian Music Channel" Dino also has a new band made up of boys ages 15–17 which he seems to really like and is ready to come out with a video for his new single, too.


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