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Jill (born 26 April 1995 ) Jill Van Vooren is 15 years old and has one older sister. She attends a high school for the arts and is particularly fond of acting and dancing. She’s also an outdoors girl; she loves surfing. Her great musical role model is nobody less than Beyoncé.

Lauren (born 10 August 1995 ) Lauren De Ruyck is 15 years old. She has been fascinated by musicals ever since her early childhood and has frequently performed in major productions. Just like Jill, Lauren plays the electric guitar. These girls rock!

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Jill & Lauren have been enormously popular in Belgium for the past couple of months. Their song Get Up! is a big radio hit and the accompanying video clip has long since passed the half a million hits mark on YouTube.
At live performances the girls are invariably swamped with fans, who naturally all want an autograph. Jill & Lauren have already completely won over Belgium. On now to the rest of Europe!


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