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Band "Princesses" will represent Georgia at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with "Lurji prinveli" (The Blue Bird). "Princesses" are singers Elene Makashvili, Mariam Gurgenidze, Liza Kenia, Mari Bokeria, ballerina Ana Tkeshelashvili and cello player Lizi Ramishvili. It will be two more Mariam performing for Georgia at JESC making the total of 5 for 3 years.

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The idea of the classic style song "Lurji prinveli" (The Blue Bird) is that every girl in her childhood should feel as a princess and every junior should search for his own blue bird. Their song has been arranged by Zaza Tsurtsumia, recording of the song, staging of the performance and creation of stage costumes has been done by Basti-Bubu studio with choreography by Extra Group.

All children - members of the band have already established themselves and are famous and successful in their careers.

Mariam Bokeria (მარი ბოკერია) is 11 years old. She is studying in public school #53 and also in art gymnasium. Her interests include: dancing and singing. Music is everything for her. She has been singing from her childhood - when she was 4 years old. She have taken part in many contests. In musical "Pippi" she has played the main role.
Her leisure time Mariam spends with her friends. She likes listening to classic music and reading books, right now she is reading poems by Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. Mariam has been creating her own music, and melody for Junior Eurovision is her merit.
Mari Bokeria: "It is very difficult to sing our song, we play and perform at the same time".
You can also watch older videos of Mari Bokeria here.

Mariam Gurgenidze (მარიამ გურგენიძე) is 11 years old. She is studing in school #52 - "Balavari". Her interests include: painting, singing and dancing. She likes talking over the phone, spending time with her friends, and playing computer. Mariam writes poems. Her favorite writers are - Mark Twain, Astrid Lindgren; and she adors music of classical composers - Johann Sebastian Bach and Pyotr Tchaikovsky.
She started singing and speaking at the almost same time. Music is all of her life. She regularily takes part in different song contests, but Eurovision is most interesting for her. During Eurovision she and her friends have been creating songs and lyrics together.
Mariam: "I feel like a real princess. Everything is very amazing and fairy".
You can also watch older videos of Mariam Gurgenizdze here.

Liza Kenia (ლიზა ყენია) is 11 years old. She is studying in gymnasium #1 of Tbilisi. Her interests are: singing, reading books, spending time with friends. Liza writes her poems as well. Her mother is singer and Liza has been singing since her childhood. She appeared on the stage with her mother, when she was a little girl.
She was participating in different song competitions, but Eurovision is most attractive for her. Liza is a glad that their song is in classic style and modern at the same time. She likes classic music, books of Astrid Lindgren and fairytales.
Liza: "Our composition is rhythmic and energetic"

Elene Makashvili (ელენე მაყაშვილი) is 12 years old. She is studing in School #52 -"Balavari", and also in Musical school, piano department. She is singing in group of "Musical school for Talented" as well. She was participating in several song competitions. Elene likes both classic style songs and modern style ones. Her favourite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach, singer - Paul McCartney and his song "Yesterday". She has a lot of friends. Singing is the most important thing in her life. She was very glad when she became the member of the group "PRINCESSES". It is true that every junior wants to feel as princess.
Elene: "It is very interesting for us to work together. During preparation we have read play of Maeterlinck "The Blue Bird".

Lizi Ramishvil (ლიზი რამიშვილი) is 12 years old. She has been playing on Cello from 6 years old. She is studing in First Musical gymnasium named after Zakaria Paliashvili. Her interests include: music, swimming, dancing, playing football and spending time with friends. She gave two solo concerts and also many performances as well. Lizi used to play with Symphony orchestra named after Evgeni Mikeladze, every year . She likes crime stories, her favorites are: Johann Sebastian Bach, Michael Jackson, Brian Adams, Inside out, Heaven, Blues Jam.
Liza: "I have played the Cello for 6 years. Pop-stage was unfamiliar for me. Now I see it is interesting"

Anna Tkeshelashvili (ანა ტყეშელაშვილი) is 14 years old ballerina. She is studing in choreography school of Vakhtang Chabukiani . She was participating in performances: Don Quixote, Maknatuna, Two doves, Motsartina, Cinderella. Her profession requires hard word thus she almost doesn't have leasure time. But Anna likes to read books, now she is reading Alex Bowie. Her favorite composers are Mozart and Sсhubert. Anna likes the song "Blue bird" a lot. She will try to do her best and make this song more attractive by dancing.
Ana: "I study at Choreography school . Participating in Junior Eurovision is a very challengeable for me. I hope everything will be fine"

Those girls are really talented and successful in their solo careers, but they became "princesses" for Junior Eurovision. Why it happened? Because they are beautiful, well educated. They can paint well, write music, poems. They are interested in classic style music.

Elene: "Mariam Bokeria and I have created this musical theme, then Mr. Zaza Tsurtsumia and "Basti Bubu" Musical group helped us helped us with arrangement and recording".

Miriam Bokeri: "We wanted to make classic style song more popular and modern, we have worked on different versions, to create confluence of voices".


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