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Francesca Sciberras and Mikaela Bajjada, better known as Francesca and Mikaela are a singing duo who won the Malta Junior Eurosong 2009 with their song 'Double Trouble'. They represented Malta on November 21, 2009 in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Kiev, Ukraine, finishing in eighth place. Francesca made an attempt also to represent Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with her ballad song 'Fulfill My Dream' finishing 10th with 64 points. Francesca and Mikaela were the first Maltese representatives at the Junior Eurovision to come from the island of Gozo. People form the island are usually not referred to as Maltese but Gozitans.

Francesca Sciberras
Birth name Francesca Sciberras
Born August 16, 1995
Origin Fontana, Gozo, Malta
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer
Years active 2005–present

Mikaela Bajada
Birth name Mikaela Bajada
Born December 31, 1998
Origin Munxar, Gozo, Malta
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer
Years active 2007–present
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Francesca Sciberras
Francesca was born on the 16th of August in 1995, in Gozo, the small sister-island of Malta. She is the eldest of two sisters and attends the Bishop's Conservatory Secondary School.

Her favourite school subjects are Mathematics, Chemistry, Spanish and Creative Arts. As well as singing, Francesca also loves football and she plays for a local club. She also likes to watch films, especially comedies and her favourite actors are James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray.

She admits that she does not have a favourite singer or group because she likes all music genres.

Francesca spends most of her free time singing, watching television, and doing crafts. She sings all the time because she says that music makes her feel happy. She has been singing for six years and has participated in a lot of shows and concerts around the Maltese islands, as well as having appeared on numerous popular television programmes.

She has also competed in various singing competitions, often finishing in first place. She has been attending singing lessons for several years under the guidance of her vocal coach Miriam Christine, a former Eurovision Song Contest participant for Malta (Norway, 1996 with the song In A Woman’s Heart).

At times Francesca can be very mischievous especially when playing with her younger sister Gabrielle. She loves to have a good laugh when she sees her sister getting worked up. Francesca is a very calm person and takes life easy and doesn’t like to worry about anything. She is very friendly and everyone around her says that they seldom see her with a gloomy face. Her radiant smile is always there to charm her family, friends and the lucky ones who get to know her.

Mikaela Bajada
Mikaela was born on the 31st December in 1998, and comes from a small village in Gozo. This year Mikaela finished her primary education, where she spent several happy years at her local school participating in drama activities and helping out children with special needs. Her favourite school subjects are Maltese, Creative Arts and Physical Education. Mikaela enjoys participating in sports activities, especially when it comes to her favourite sports, basketball and netball.

At an early age, Mikaela showed her promising abilities in singing and dancing, and these were enhanced by attending drama, singing and dancing lessons. Over these past six years she has participated in a number of children’s song festivals and enjoyed a lot of success through them. She has also appeared on various television programmes. For these past couple of years, like Francesca, she has been coached by Miriam Christine. Mikaela also forms part of The Gozo Children’s Choir and has performed for several distinct personalities, including the Prime Minister and the President of Malta.

During her free time, apart from singing and dancing, she enjoys watching children’s TV programmes, playing with her dolls (her favourite doll is called Christina) and spending time with other children, especially her cousins Thomas and Izaak and her close friends. In summer she enjoys swimming and going on holiday. Mikaela loves making new friends and enjoys the company of children who make her laugh. Mikaela’s favourite food and drink include pasta, pizza, ice cream, peach juice and ice tea. Her favourite musical artists are Befour and Hannah Montana.


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