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Band "Ništa lično" (Nothing personal) with 12-years old vocalist Anica Cvetkovic will represent Serbia with song "Onaj pravi" (The right one) written by band members Alexandar and Anica.

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Members of the band "Ništa lično" Anica Cvetkovic and her brother Petar (drums) from Uzice, Sale Graić (keyboards) from Belgrade, Una Krlić and Karolina Lodi (guitars) from Zrenjanin have experience performing in numerous children's festivals throughout Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina: Uzice, Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Novi Sad, Zajecar, Pozega, Banja Luka, Tivat, Rozaje, Bjeloj. But on contrary to being competitors they became friends and some monthes ago have decided to join in one band.

Alexandar (born 08.07.95) is son of Eurovision 2007 winner Molitva composer Vladimir Graić, and Una Krlic (born 27.12.93) is sister of Betty Boop singer Tara Krlic. Karolina Lodi took part in JESC 2007 preselection with "Koliko je sati" written by Una Krlic, who also was guitarist and backing vocalist in the performance, finishing 4th.

Anica Cvetkovic (born 21.11.96) is seventh grade student of elementary school Dusan Jerkovic, singing is engaged in three years. She has many children's festivals in Uzice, Zajecar, Zrenjanin, Banja Luka, Zlatibor, Pozega, Sochi.

Anica Cvetković was born on the 21st of November in 1996 in the town of Užice in central Serbia. She is a seventh grade student of the Dušan Jerković elementary school in Užice, having completed all the previous grades with maximum rating.
At the Užice Children's Festival Love is our Planet, held in March 2007, she competed for the first time with the song Sweet Sorrows, winning the best interpretation award. This debut was followed by appearances in events held in Banja Luka, on Mt. Zlatibor, in Zaječar and in Požega (Serbia), winning regularly both awards and the sympathies of the audience. At the initiative and with the sponsorship of the Lira Organisation for Children's Art based in Užice, her first solo CD was published.
In February 2009, Anica took part in the International Children's Festival of Pop Music held in Sochy (Russia), winning the third place.
In March 2009, at the Festival in Užice, she was awarded the prestigious Prize for Contribution to the Development of Children's Art.
This was followed by numerous appearances at events for children in Belgrade, Subotica, and her native Užice.
For the past five years, Anica has been attending the Scena acting school at the National Theater in Užice. She has been playing several roles in various plays, and hosted a number of children's events.
She has sung on radio, shot some TV commercials, as well as a video-clip for her song Pravila (Rules).
Between the age of six and eleven she has actively practiced rhythmic gymnastics and dance, and having taken part in a number of competitions, she has scored significant results in this field.

Aleksandar Graić was born in Belgrade on the 8th of July 1995, in a family of professional musicians. He was a little rascal and before going to school he despised food and all that had anything to do with eating. In time he has grown to like eating. Currently, he is in a phase of adoring it, Italian cuisine in particular!
At school he is always attentive, considerate and responsible. He has taken part in a number of quiz competitions and has won many awards. He is also attending private guitar lessons and has torn a few guitar strings along the way...
For the past three years he has been attending acting classes. By now, he has appeared in two TV clips. He adores sports, and at his leisure time he plays tennis.
He is very much attached to his computer. If he's not on Facebook, then it's YouTube he's surfing. His favorite video games are the ones featuring sports, primarily tennis, soccer and American wrestling.
He adores listening to music - at high volume, naturally. Among the older performers his favorites are Led Zeppelin and Survival, and among the newer ones Robbie Williams and Katy Perry. He is a great fan of musical festivals and is a goldmine of diverse pieces of information about them.
He likes reading and all he can lay his hands on, for that matter.
He composed his first song at the age of six, and it was entitled The Sun Setting Beyond the Roof. From that moment on, he hasn't stopped writing about all sorts of thing including bunnies, teddy bears, chocolate covered corn flakes and even his school.

Karolina Lodi was born in Zrenjanin, on 17th of January, 1995. She is in the eighth grade of the Jovan Ducic Elementary School in Klek. She learned the first songs from her grandparents who listened to the old Hungarian folk songs. Her mother taught her the notes. In 2005, Karolina made her first performance at the Sveti Sava Festival in Zrenjanin. She has participated in various national and international children's festivals. Karolina started practicing karate nine years ago. She likes animals and pretty dolls.

Saša, the author of the music and co-author of the lyrics for the song Onaj Pravi practically had a finished song that he premiered to his father. Quite pleased with what he heard, his dad sent the recording to a friend of his - Una's father in Zrenjanin. When Una heard the song she immediately sang it to her childhood friend Karolina. Very much enthused Karolina called up her friend Anica from Užice, who happened to be in the company of her brother Petar on the occasion. They were all so thrilled! Anica added some "female subtlety" to Saša's lyrics, and sent them back to him right away. Saša reacted by inviting the entire team for a meeting in Belgrade. This brought the spontaneous idea of forming a band, because they had personally seen nothing similar before in Serbia. There came up the issue of choosing a name. They thought about it long and hard. After a while, Saša said: "What do you say we call ourselves - Nothing Personal?“ They all like to point out they became involved in the whole project for the sake of meeting more frequently and having loads of fun, making the time for it between their numerous obligations at school.

"Sasa has proposed to start a band and sign up for the competition. He wrote the music and text, in which I helped him a little. We met on the weekends in Belgrade, during the week we had a rehearsal at home. We had to work a lot, but now we have to work three times more to prepare for Kiev", says Anica. "Song "Onaj pravi" is mid-tempo piece, there are a lot of instruments on stage and to someone it can remind by it's rhythm song of Kathy Perry "I Kissed a Girl", and on stage Anica and I will try to somehow adapt Kathy's stage behaviour", describes song author Sale Graic. "Our song is very melodical and talks about the first and true love that happens suddenly and is remembered for the whole life, at least people say so", expains Anica.


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