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Sara Markovska was born on 27th of June, 1995. She lives in Skopje and studies in 8th grade of "Jan Amos Komenski" school, she is an A student. When the new school was built, Sara has the honour to sing the school anthem.

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Sara's greatest passion is singing and dancing. This year she has been graduated from the music school "Ilija Nikolovski Lui". Her solfegio teacher is Ana Kostova and her piano teacher is Maja Popovic. Now for a year and a half she is taking private singing lessons with professor Vlado Srbinovski.

"Music is my greatest love. I know for sure that when I grow up, I will become known singer in Macedonia and Balkans. I adore art, singing and dancing", says Sara.

Sara also has been attending dance classes since she was five years old and for 6 years studied in the music college. She has been a member of many ballet groups such as "Mak Models" and "Rebis". For the last 6 years she is member of hip-hop and modern jazz dance group "Eureka", her choreographer is Katerina Jolakovska.

As a singer, Sara took part in many festivals. In international festival "Zvezdicki" (Asterisks) in Prilep, Macedonia she performed in 2006 (3rd place with "Sama niz Sahara (Through Sahara on my own)), in 2007 (2nd place with "Zvezdite ne lazat" (Stars do not crawl)), and in 2008 (3rd place with "Tie ochi sini gde" (Where are those blue eyes)). She also took part in festival "Musicko cadorce 2007" (Music Umbrella) in Vinnica winning 2nd place, and in 2008 took part in another festival in Ukraine, in Mariupol (2nd place). She also took part in "Proletni zvoncinja" (Spring bells) in Strumica, Macedonia, in 2008 got 3rd place at "Male Skale" in Herzeg Novi, Montenegro performing "Ljubov i muzika" (Love and Music), and in 2009 another 3rd place at festival in "Sun, Joy and Beauty" Nessebar, Bulgaria performing "Vremeto ce ni kaze" of Lazar Cvetkovski, and others. She also took first place for the stage performance in teens festival "Super Zvezda" with "Signali na ljubovta".

In 2007 Sara has took part in Junior Eurovision preselection with "Mislish na mene" (You think of me) finishing 2nd and the same year she backed Rosica and Dimitar at JESC in Rotterdam. In 2008 she performed as guest of the preselection also performing "Ljubov i muzika".

In her spare time, apart from dancing and singing, she attends English classes at NOVA school. "Besides music, I like foreign languages, mathematics, and participated in an international children's art exhibition, and also completed a fashion course in Studio Crnokrak and was chosen as face of the newspaper "Nash svet". She also likes spending time with friends, riding on bike and roller skating.

Sara likes listening to pop music and RNB. Her favorite home singers are: Tose Proeski, "Next Time", Tamara Todevska, Lambe Alabakovski and from international ones she likes Beyonce, Celine Dion, Chris Brown. She likes to roller skate and hang with her friends in my spare time. Her great wish is to travel in many countries.

"We have got a wonderful winning song, which during the next two weeks we will work on and then officially submit in Kiev. Some work on stage presentation should also be done to ensure that our country is represented in the best possible way. Sara is competely ready for the challenge and we hope that everything will be OK", said Rade Spasovski, head of the delegation. "I hope in Ukraine we will be successful. Last year, our representative Bobby Andonov was fifth in Limassol, Cyprus, and now we wish Sara victory in Kiev", said Ljupco Mirkovski, artistic director of national preselection.

"No words can describe how I feel now. Although I hoped for victory, and worked hard for it, I am very excited and happy. For this I have to say thanks to my professor of solo vocals Vlado Srbinovski, Aleksandar Masevski who prepared arrangement for the song and, of course, the girls from dance-band "Eureka" that were with me on stage", said excited winner. Sara's elder sister Emi Markoska (who also helped Sara to write song lyrics), Boyana Nik, Jovana Ivanovska and Bisera Martinovska accompanied Sara on stage, however, as some of them have already turned 16, there will be changes in backing team - dancers in Kiev will be Bisera Martinovska, Iva Popovska, Tanja Vasilevska, Teodora Jolakovska and Daniel Todorovski (who danced with Bobi Andonov last year). Emi will also travel to Kyiv to accompany Sara, as she did travel to Rotterdam.

"I want to become a professional singer, and this is great foundation for my future career. It is sort of positive push and performance in the Kiev may bring me to the spotlight. I have been twice in Ukraine and now I am looking forward to visit this country once again, but now I am coming with a huge responsibility - to represent Macedonia at the Junior Eurosong Contest. I'll do my best and I hope the audience at home and throughout Europe will like my song and my performance, as well as my looks", Sara adds. "In Ukraine I expect to get friendship, fun, experience and, above all, a good ranking" Song will be performed in Macedonian language, but in order to promote it, recording of English version was considered as well. "I will sing a song in the universal language of love which all will understand".

- I'm really committed to reach the desired result. On the desk in my room I have a huge weekly schedule of activities that I must do in order to prepare for the contest, says Sara. Macedonian television crew will travel to Kiev on November 14. Only minor changes were made in the song compared to the national final, but choreography was changed significantly.

Dime Dimitrovski will be Macedonian commentator of the show, while results of the national vote will be delivered by Jovana Krstevska, who took part in the national preselection this year.


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