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Ioana Bianca Anuţa was born on August 29, 1994. Ioana's talent has been noticed in the early childhood, but not enough of attention has been paid to it. "I sing since I was little. I sang music from commercials and everyone told me I have voice, but I did not care at that time", tells Ioana. So her first step to musical career was done only three years ago, when she took part in the school competition. "The reaction from my performance there strengthened me and my parents, I went to believe in my talent and that I should cultivate it", recalls the singer. "I slowly felt that I could express myself in a proper way through songs. My parents have supported me and my teachers were understanding".

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In 2007 she began seriously dealing with the music, even if it meant fewer trips with friends, less fun and less rest and immediately succeeded at the festival "Flori de gheata". "For 2 years I have been studying vocals in Bucharest. For the first time I've been taking lessons from a composer Cristian Alivej, he is also was the one that spurred me and made me trust in myself, and my talent", says Ioana. Soon after she started taking singing lessons from Crina Mardare. "I am very happy, my voice has changed a lot since working with her", she explains.

Ioana has recently graduated from "Eugen Ionescu" school in Slatina now is student of National College "Ion Minulescu", philology department, entering it with average grade of 9.88. After finishing high school she wants to continue her studies at the Conservatory. Ioana has a busy program, especially that she wants to have good results at school. "I leave home at 6 am, to reach Bucharest at 10, for 2 hours I'm singing, then go straight to school. In the evening I return home to do my homework for the next day", describes singer how her basic day looks like.

Now singer has more than 25 notable appearances in the festivals in her CV, including "Stelele Dunarii", "Ursuletul de aur", "Star Musik", "Flori de Mai", "Nymphea", "Camena", "Potaissa", "Fulg de nea" all across Romania. After winning second place at the Festival "Mamaia copiilor", Ioana Anuta won first prize at the festival "Golden Stag Junior" in 14-17 age category. She performed song "Cerul" of the band Proconsul. "If you win, you must continue taking part to prove your success. If you loose, you need to continue to prove you're capable of winning".

Besides singing Ioana loves dancing and going out with friends when she has time to do it and has good grades. Otherwise, in her free time she simply rests to recover herself. "I want everyone to be proud of me", says Ioana. In her spare time she listens to the music, mostly pop and easy listening one.
Ioana hates doing cleaning in the house, washing dishes and using vacuum cleaner. She hates when people turn to be fake friends.

You can listen to the songs of Ioana on her Trilulilu profile and on her fan site and watch videos of her performances on her Youtube channel.

Since devoting her life to the music, Ioana has performed with Alb-Negru, Mihai Trăstariu, Anda Adam and Nico. She participated in many festivals and won many awards, but going to the Junior Eurovision is the biggest of all challenges. "Since I was little I wanted to go to Eurovision", admits Ioana.

She admits that to win one has to create a real show on stage. "In addition to singing classes, I have to spend hours on practicing choreography for the stage performance. I only hope that selection will be fair and I am able to win many supporters. I hope they like my song "The power in your hand" as much as I do myself", was telling singer prior to preselection.

"We are in top form, though had to spend a lot of time on road lately, between singing and rehearsals. It's a nice atmosphere here and we are a united team. I have never seen anything like that before. It's hard, but very nice, it's professionalism", said Ioana Anuta, just before the contest. "I have emotions but I want them to be constructive emotions, because otherwise they can ruin everything we've been working for a whole year" added she.

Song, which Ioana will perform at Junior Eurovision was written by girl herself. In addition to music an exceptional show has been prepared as well. "I will be on stage with 5 dancers from "Future M&Q" formation from Oradia (Ivana Farc, Cristina Pandrea, Alexandra Sabau, Andreea Margin and Diana Pacurar). They are good girls. Although we're from different cities, we've been meeting in different festivals and competitions before. I received many words of praise for our performance", pointed Ioana. "Now we will travel to Kiev to win!", she adds.

"I do not want is to sing as good or even better than I did in Bucharest. We go there with going to win, go with the head up ", said Ioana

Fellow citizen of Slatina have posted posters of Ioana asking everyone to vote for young singer. "We are with her. It is a first time our students got that far. We are all proud of her. Both teachers and our students will vote for Ioana", said Iliuta Braileanu, director of the Palace of Children named after Adrian Băran in Slatina.

As usual, Romanian commentators of the show will be Ioana Isopescu and Alexandru Nagy (commentators of all JESC in the past) and Iulia Cobanu will deliver results of Romanian voting as she did in the last 2 years as well.


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