Катя Рябова. Общение с прессой

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Катя Рябова. Общение с прессой Empty Катя Рябова. Общение с прессой

Сообщение  Alexander в 30.11.11 18:55

После репетиции сегодня Катя Рябова побывала в пресс центре где дала несколько интервью.
Предлагаем вашему вниманию одно из них.

Вот ещё одно интервью:

ESCDaily.com: Hello Katya, we are from ESCDaily.com and we welcome you to Yerevan! What do you like the most so far in Armenia?

Katya: Unfortunately, I still didn’t have time to tour in Armenia, but I hope tomorrow we will have time for that. But so far your country is so nice and hospitable. (smiles)

ESCDaily.com: If you were to win JESC 2011, would you consider to take part in the adult Eurovision Song Contest after JESC 2011?

Katya: I still don’t know. Now my main aim is just to take part in JESC 2011 and introduce my country in the best way possible to the viewers. As for the future, can’t say now… Maybe?

ESCDaily.com: We understand you are very busy, but what will you wish to our readers, to yourself and all the participants?

Katya: Unfortunately I am really short of time. But I will just wish to all the participants to go on the stage like it is their last time. To do their best to be the best on the stage. No matter if it JESC 2011 or just a usual concert. Greetings to all the readers. Thank you.

ESCDaily.com: Thank you very much Katya and good luck in the final!
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